Why online casino games have so much to teach game developers


For developers of HTML5 and Java games, they no doubt draw much of their influence from “major” video and/ or PC games, as well as similar online games but one crucial resource that they may overlook is the very large world of online gambling.

Online-casinogames.ca have been a major force on the world wide web since the mid 1990s and, in the years since, they have only grown both in popularity and in quality. Not only do they have tons of money behind them, they also work with incredibly accomplished software developers who bring their products to the highest levels of professional quality imaginable.

Many might write off casino games as beneath them or even being part of the seedy underbelly of the internet but these are legitimate entertainment option for millions of adults and, precisely because they have real money backing them, tend to be great examples of how online gaming should be. Casino games and sites like canadascasinos.ca may not be your personal cup of tea but as a game designer or programmer, they're well worth paying attention to.

One of the most noteworthy areas of online casino games and sites are, in the best cases at least, their unimpeachable design style; creating interfaces that are the very definition of user-friendliness and aesthetic attractiveness. It doesn't matter whether they're based on Java, HTML5 or any other web-programming platform, they offer exactly the kind of gaming experiences that only the best general gaming sites like enclavegames.com/games.html come close to matching.

Most free online games obviously don't face the security threats that cash-based casino games often have to deal with so they have an advantage over gambling websites in that they don't have to worry about things like various payment options, such as Paypal or cba.ca, or security options and they certainly need to rely a whole lot less on gambling regulation boards. That doesn't mean they can't learn from the mechanics of the games themselves, though.

These games just work - and work well. They are designed to be played across all sorts of different platforms, be it on a tablet or from your Google Chrome browser on your pc-canada.com, and tend to be extremely stable, simple to pick up and play and perfectly intuitive even for people who have never played these sorts of games before. Free Java or HTML5 games may not have the money to match them in terms of 3D graphics or cinematic sounds but the basics of design are crucial regardless of your budget.

The simple fact is that whether you're creating the latest, cutting edge game for the newest generation of gaming consoles, are working as part of a team who develop online casino games for major online casinos or are part of a small team – or even are working by yourself – the basic tenets of game development remain the same. And casino games, however distateful you may or may not find them, are a perfect example of this.