Things to consider when building your own slot game with HTML5

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So, you love playing online slot games- the great graphics, great gameplay, and of course, the chance to win big prizes- what is not to love? But what if I told you that you could build you owl slot game through the use of HTML5? Depending on how technically minded you are, this could seem like a daunting task, or something easily achievable. With iGaming companies crying out for top notch digital talent, it is worth considering. To help you decide whether to give it a go or not, we have decided to give you a lowdown of how to develop html5 slot games!


Ideally you want to use a programme that will allow you to sync and see the changes you are making in real time. Consider using a programme like WinSCP or rsync to create a link between your workspace and the development space. As soon as you press save, all changes are automatically synced with your server and you can check out the work you have done in your mobile browser. It works by giving each developer their own DV URL and then the code switches to the stable URL.

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Game Structure

You need to have a good idea of the structure of your game. Ideally, choose between DOM or canvas. We recommend you go for DOM because it allows you to benefit from user friendly CSS animation, a declarative structure via HTML, and great levels of testability which is integral to the development of the game.


You need to make sure that your positioning system allows you to give every element an absolute position and that you can move it to its place using pixel offsets with top and left. The way it should work is that parents place their children and in turn, children place their children etc

If you are using a retina screen, remember you don’t need any additional handling and when the images are twice the size, they will look great on a retina screen without having to fiddle around with stylesheets. In other words, CSS does not care about device pixel ratio.



A good idea to keep control of the structure and overview of your game is to keep as much as possible on static HTML and minimise any HTML in JavaScript. Although it means you have to duplicate code, it gives you a great view of the whole game and the JavaScript stays clean and functional.


If you are using DOM as we suggested, then we recommend using JQuery. Some may prefer a simpler library but others prefer the features of JQuery. This really boils down to a matter of an opinion and whatever works best for you.

This is a post that could go on for many more pages, but this is just a short overview of some things you should take into account before you embark on building your own game. For the technologically acrobatic among us, it is something definitely worth having a go at!