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Back to two

As you can see, I decided to get back to the idea of writing on two separate blogs - my own private one at, and the company one at (the one you are reading right now).

Enclave Games blog

Even though I’m the only person writing, and the original idea to merge them into one at was my own ease of use (since I had WordPress and Octopress at some point), now’s the time to separate this a bit again. Plus, the two blogs run on exactly the same setup - Gatsby with slightly adjusted Lumen starter.

I’m doing this, because I’d like to have both places active - since I refreshed along with new blog, it made sense to do the same to and the blog as well. Now my private ramblings, traveling to conferences as a technical evangelist, and other personal updates will live on, while all the official Enclave Games stuff like Monthly Reports, Making Of posts, and general gamedev updates will be published where it belongs - on the domain.

I’m still finishing the updates to the website and the blog itself, so if there’s something broken or missing please let me know, thanks! Follow the updates by subscibing to the RSS feed.