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New Badlucky level in Flood Escape

To celebrate thirteenth edition of the js13kGames competition happening this year we’ve decided to create a dedicated Badlucky level in our Flood Escape game.

Flood Escape - Badlucky level

Black cat Badlucky, js13kGames mascot, debuted in Triska Reloaded back in 2021. It was a remake to the original Triskaidekaphobia game promoting the competition itself all the way back in 2014. Now it’s also the ninth level added to Flood Escape, the game that gets regular updates since the release in 2017. Those are:

Flood Escape - Badlucky cover and gameplay

Unlock this new level in the game or use the cheat code below to access it directly:

This is just the beginning of celebrating the thirteenth edition of the js13kGames competition in 2024 - make sure to check it out while waiting for the next announcements!