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Enclave Phaser Template updated to Phaser 3.60

Our own template we use for all our games, Enclave Phaser Template, was just updated to the latest version of the underlying game engine - Phaser 3.60.

Enclave Games - Enclave Phaser Template

It took me a bit, since the official release of Phaser 3.60 was on April 13th - 10th anniversary of Phaser itself, and right on time for Gamedev.js Jam 2023 starting the same day!

Previous updates of Enclave Phaser Template are from July 2019 (from Phaser 2.6.2 to 3.18.1) and then January 2021 (to Phaser 3.50.0). I also did a silent update on the GitHub repo alone on May 2021 (3.55.0).

The newest Phaser release, 3.60.0, is the biggest one EVER - make sure to check the massive changelog if you want to learn what’s new.

Enclave Games - Phaser 10th anniversary

My current update was more than just replacing the Phaser JavaScript file and calling it done, as I encountered an error when testing the demo. Fortunately, the error was descriptive enough for me to find the reason (“New Features - Updated Particle System”) really quick. After fixing the particle emitter everything was working just fine!

I’ve updated EPT not only because it was something I wanted to do anyway, but also because I’m attempting to finish an old project of mine, about which I’m not gonna say a word, since I failed to release it many times in the past and I’m not gonna jinx it this time. If I do finish and release it, you’ll definitely learn about that from here in the first place!