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Gamedev.js Survey 2021: current state of the HTML5 game development report

After a whole month of gathering responses, and a week of preparing results, we’re happy to publish the report containing answers to 26 questions submitted by 437 developers.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Survey 2021 report

We at Enclave Games were wondering what tools and technologies people use to develop web games, how much do they earn, what monetization strategies are they using, etc. There was almost no up-to-date, solid data on the topic, so we decided to ask the community directly and publish the results afterwards.

When we opened it on February 18th, I was worried we won’t get too many submissions - I decided I’ll share the numbers even if we receive 20 of them, and getting 100 would be an achievement. Turns out we got 437 responses, which is incredible - thank you to all who participated, you’re awesome!

Some of the answers to the questions were predictable, some others ended up being quite a surprise, so make sure to check all of them along with the short comment below every graph. Overall it feels building web games is going in the right direction. We do have our issues and struggles, but the community is positive about the future.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Survey 2021 map

The survey was conducted with the support from the Grant for the Web program, you might’ve noticed Web Monetization as one of the options in the question about various ways of getting a revenue. I’m happy to see it’s getting traction, and more developers are exploring Web Monetization API as a viable alternative of earning money.

Prizes we promised (cash and Coil memberships) will be sent in the next few days, same goes for offering the downloadable report as a pdf document. It’s the first edition of the survey, but I do hope it will be a yearly thing from now on, so we all can track the trends in HTML5 game development!