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Gamedev.js Survey: State of the HTML5 Game Development in 2021

We’re conducting a Survey as part of the Gamedev.js initiative to learn about the current state of the HTML5 Game Development in 2021 - where the developers work, what tools do they use, how much do they earn, and much more.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Survey 2021

The survey is open for a month - from today, Thursday February 18th, till March 18th 2021. The results will be announced a week after, on March 25th. I do hope we’ll get as many answers as possible, to have a good overview of our niche. Please spread it in your communities!

We’re happy to be supported by the Grant for the Web program, and offer $600 in prizes for sixteen lucky participants: half of it in cash (6 x $50 each), and the other in Coil membership plans (10 x 6-month plan for $5 a month each). This is optional - the survey is anonymous, but if you leave your email address, you will be eligible to win one of the prizes listed above.

Visit the landing page to learn more, or go directly here to fill the form - thanks!