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Gamedev.js Survey's all questions and answers landed on GitHub

With Gamedev.js Survey 2023 completed in December and the report published in January, I got asked multiple times about the raw results of this year’s answers and those from the past editions as well, especially from the open questions, and decided to publish all that on GitHub.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Survey on GitHub

You can find all the data we’ve collected (minus timestamps and email addresses) over the years by looking at the dedicated files:

All the questions (2021-2023) were also published for reference, and the given file for the 2024 edition,, is up - feel free to send a Pull Request if you have any feedback or updates to it already.

Now with the questions and answers from three consecutive editions, folks could pick up trends like the usage of specific technologies by developers, their tooling preferences, how earning money from building web games evolve over the years, or even the overall happiness of developers themselves. Another take would be on the open questions like what the devs are struggling with, or what might be their biggest challenges in the coming year.

The Gamedev.js Survey officially joined WebDX Community Group at W3C recently, so there’s hope it will grow even bigger with this year’s edition, which is planned in the second part of 2024.