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Gamedev.js Survey and Jam 2022

We’re having both the Gamedev.js Survey 2022 and Gamedev.js Jam 2022 - first is already open, while the other starts next month.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Survey and Jam 2022

Gamedev.js Survey is having its second edition after the debut last year, already running now between March 18th and April 18th 2022. Please fill this form if you’d like to participate - out of all those who submit their answers we will randomly select 10 folks and award them $50 each, so the prize pool is $500 total. The report will be published afterwards, and we’re curious to compare last year’s results with this year’s trends - thanks to YOU we will hopefully have solid data on the current state of the Web Game Development in 2022.

Gamedev.js Jam will have its third edition after 2020 and 2021, with the second approach on both the Web Monetization and Decentralized categories. It will run for 13 days between April 13th and 26th 2022, hosted on, and we’ve just started announcing prizes, challenges, and all the details around it. You can follow Gamedev.js on Twitter, visit our Discord server and subscribe to the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter to be up to date with all the news.

Let’s celebrate Web Game Development together - fill the Survey form, join the Jam on, have fun and and show the world that building games for the browser is the future!