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Global Game Jam 2021 with Kernel Gaming Guild, IGDA Foundation, and Web Monetization

This year’s Global Game Jam, given what’s happening around the world, went entirely online. The good news are you all are invited to particpate however and wherever you want.

Enclave Games - Global Game Jam 2021 with Kernel Gaming Guild

It was usually held over the weekend, from Friday till Sunday, but to give participants more time this year, it actually started on Wednesday already - theme for 2021 is Lost and Found.

Since you aren’t limited to a local venue anymore, you can pick any from around the world. If you haven’t started and still looking for one, make sure to consider KERNEL Gaming Guild Game Jam 2021. As you might expect, it’s a gathering for folks participating in the Kernel Gaming Guild that is happening over the span of the next few weeks, where you can learn about (and build) Web 3 games.

Web Monetization diversifier

IGDA Foundation was able to introduce a new diversifier for the Global Gam Jam 2021 participants called Virtual Wallet, which is all about the Web Monetization API.

Make a web game that uses an alternative revenue model.

Check their dedicated landing page for more details on how to join the fun, and feel free to ask questions at the GGJ’s official Discord, the IGDA-F sponsor channel specifically, where I’ll be more than happy to assist you with any Web Monetization related questions or issues!