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Join the very first js13kGames challenge in Gamedev.js Jam 2024!

It took four years to execute, but now the ongoing (started April 13th, ends April 26th) fifth edition of the online Gamedev.js Jam have a brand new challenge: js13kGames!

Enclave Games - js13kGames challenge in Gamedev.js Jam 2024

Yup, the same js13kGames that runs yearly since 2012. We still can’t actually validate the 13 kilobyte zip size on Itch where Gamedev.js Jam is hosted, but I decided that it’s not going to be a blocker anymore and we’ll figure something out. After all we’ll be having a thirteenth edition of the js13kGames competition this year, the best time to pull this off.

If you do participate, you’ll have the chance to win 13 Badlucky t-shirts and 5 framed posts from Sticker Mule. Winners will be based on the overall ranking, so if you do well in the general results AND also manage to squeeze your code into the 13 kb zip, then you’ll be rewarded with the swag.

This year’s theme is power, join in as you still have time: deadline for submitting jam entries on Itch is Friday April 26th, 5:00 PM CEST. Don’t forget to follow Gamedev.js on X ⁄ Twitter for updates and jump into Gamedev.js Discord to chat will fellow devs - good luck!