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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2020

August is the month when js13kGames starts, so you can be sure I was fully into preparations and then other tasks around it when it launched.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2020 - Nintendo Switch


Nothing yet.


I wrote (and got published) js13kGames 2020: a lean coding challenge with WebXR and Web Monetization post on Mozilla Hacks blog, two posts js13kGames 2020 has started and Win Nintendo Switch and get Jupi’s coverage in Web Monetization category on js13kGames’ Medium blog, followed by Join js13kGames 2020! on the Enclave Games one.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2020 - Magic Leap

I also reviewed and accepted a bunch of community written posts on js13kGames’ Medium blog: introducing WebRTC to the Server category by Aurélio A. Heckert, OS13K as the unofficial trophy and music system by Frank Force, submission validation bot made better by Platane, and Kontra.js v7 update by Steven K Lambert. I’m really happy to see various contributors being so active on the blog!

I also wrote the Five years of Tech Speakers article summarizing the recently “paused” Mozilla program. Although it’s written and went past editorial review already, there are some issues with having it published on Hacks, so I’m not sure how the situation will end.


Ewa designed the new js13kGames 2020 t-shirt, provided a whole bunch of banners for the posts, and started her work on preparing press kits to all our initiatives.


There was an eBay workshop led by Sascha Depold from eBay Tech Berlin on August 6th, then I joined the kick-off meetup on August 13th led by Sascha as well, where I did an intro to the competition, and he showed a few tips and tricks.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2020 - Kick-off meetup

Beside that, I was interviewed by Dominika Zając on August 5th about all things gamedev for the SFI podcast

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2020 - GitHub livestream

…talked during a livestream at GitHub’s Twitch channel with Michelle Mannering about the js13kGames competition on August 21st (at 6 AM CEST time!)…

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2020 - IGDAF panel

…and participated in an IGDA Foundation panel discussion about Web Monetization with Dees and Sultan, led by Nika Nour on August 31st.


There was some (Polish) activity on the TataDeveloper blog and fan site.

Plans for the next month

More js13kGames, and hopefully a new game being released.