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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2022

The js13kGames 2022 competition is at full swing, and all the time and efforts are put into it right now.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2022 - js13kGames


Nothing, if you don’t count the three demo games made for the js13kBreakouts project, which you actually shouldn’t count, since it was made by the authors of the three tools: Kontra, LittleJS, and Goodluck respectively.


A few posts for the js13kGames Medium blog: about the Web Monetization category, then the Decentralized category, and the actual start with the theme announcement.


Ewa did a bunch of stuff for the competition as well: designed the js13kBreakouts game demo, this year’s gadget (coaster), some glitter stickers, and a few banners. She also designed the Enclave Games hoodie and custom keychains.


I’ve recorded my talk about building games in 13 kilobytes for 1er Festival Nacional de Realizadores de Videojuegos in Havana, Cuba on August 5th.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2022 - js13kGames Kick-off meetup

I’ve also organized and hosted the js13kGames Kick-off online meetup on August 13th. You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel - it was a good opportunity to finally reach 100 subs, so we now have a short and sweet channel name:


The js13kGames 2022 announcements throughout the first half of the month: all the experts, prizes, and partners.

Plans for the next month

September is going to be 100% js13kGames as well.