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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2023

Beside being busy with the js13kGames competition as usual every August since 2012, we also celebrated the 500th issue of the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter - the first one was sent at the beginning of January 2014.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2023


Nope, nothing - unfortunately, as expected.


A few articles on the js13kGames’ Medium blog:

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2023: js13kGames t-shirts


Ewa prepared a bunch of banners as usual, but also created the Gamedev.js Weekly’s new banner template, and added the Gamedev.js Weekly t-shirt into the Shop.


Full focus on js13kGames: confirming prizes, partners, and experts, writing blog posts, publishing announcements. This year’s theme is 13th Century. Also, the js13kGames 2023 Kick-off Meetup and regular W3C Games internal calls.

Enclave Games - Monthly August 2023: Gamedev.js Weekly t-shirt


The Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter hit 500 issues this month, published every single week since January 2014.

Plans for the next month

More js13kGames. Hopefully something else in the second part of the month though.