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Enclave Games Monthly Report: February 2021

February was all about working on the remaining Grant for the Web program grant projects - we’ve already got the deadline extended, so we have to finish our work as soon as possible.

Enclave Games - Monthly February 2021 - Kernel 4


Worked on the Rack Match game, and the NSHex Roulette - a digital addon for the physical board game Neuroshima Hex. It should be finished and published in the next few days.


Not much, if you don’t count the blog posts.


Ewa worked with the UX designer on the new js13kGames website, participated in a few bi-weekly calls, and is overall pushing the work forward: particularly refining the design system, since the mockups are already there.

She also designed the Gamedev.js Survey landing page (based on a simple Bootstrap template), did some work around the game we plan on releasing right after NSHex Roulette, and did a whole bunch of photos for my TataDeveloper blog, which should now have a steady stream of visuals to come along the blog post drafts.


There was another W3C Games Community Group bi-monthly meetup I was happy to participate in, where runtimes and webviews were discussed.

Every Wednesday I also helped run the weekly sessions of the Kernel Gaming Guild led by Paul Gadi. Throughout February we had Björn Ritzl from Defold discussing freedom and open source, an Expo week showcasing some of the demos, and Tom Greenaway from Google talking about game discoverability.


The js13kGames t-shirts, pens, and stickers were printed and are about to be shipped to all who are waiting for them - as soon as I have the confirmation I’ll publish a blog post about it and email everybody interested.

We’ve been able to release the Gamedev.js Survey - it will collect your answers between February 18th and March 18th, with the results published a week later. Make sure to let your gamedev friends know about it, so we can get solid data to analyze!

Plans for the next month

Release NSHex Roulette, the other two games we are working on, and publish the (mini) eBook about Web Monetization - all part of the Grant for the Web grant. Yup, March is going to be a busy month!

The last Kernel Gaming Guild session will be held this week with Desigan Chinniah talking about Coil and Grant for the Web.