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Enclave Games Monthly Report: July 2020

July was the month when our participation in the Grant for the Web program was announced, which was really big news for us. Preparations to js13kGames 2020 took most of the month’s time - no surprise here.

Enclave Games blog


Nope, not yet.


Grant for the Web program announcement blog posts: our Enclave Games one, Grant for the Web blog, and my End3r’s Corner.


Assisting with photos and banners.


Nothing this time.


It’s ”that time of the year again”, when js13kGames makes the Monthly Reports look super empty. Preparations to 2020 are in full swing, with both WebXR and Web Monetization extra categories being confirmed.

I’ve prepared and published the Grant for the Web awardees list, and wrote about it on my Coil page.

Plans for the next month

Starting js13kGames 2020, and building some games, hopefully.