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Enclave Games Monthly Report: July 2023

With no surprise at all, during July the js13kGames preparations took over the entire month.

Enclave Games - Monthly July 2023


I wanted to, but I haven’t touched Hat Tricks after releasing the tech demo for WAM Jam. It’s still high on the TODO list, but the top priority is always js13kGames.

I also wanted to participate in a second jam, even discussed with Ewa the ideas I had, and we ended up with a solid plan, but we ultimately didn’t find the time for that either.


I wrote and published the Countdown to js13kGames 2023 on the js13kGames Medium blog, followed with the same topic on the Gamedev.js page.


Ewa spent most of her time in July on adding the remaining designs to the Spreadshirt panel for the upcoming js13kGames Shop. She also did the usual amount of banners for blog posts and social media sharing.

Enclave Games - Monthly July 2023: js13kGames 2023 expert Ewa Mazur


Most of the month was revolving around negotiating and then announcing js13kGames partners, experts, and prizes. Sponsorship talks were very difficult given the global economic situation. We also ordered this year’s js13k gadgets, and worked on the content for the new website, though not sure it will launch in 2023.

We’ve given away VueDay and AngularDay tickets (six each) on the Gamedev.js Discord, since we’ve teamed up with the events as media partners again.


I’ve restarted publishing on TataDeveloper, my parenting blog in Polish! It’s not much, but it’s honest fun.

Plans for the next month

Obviously js13kGames.