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Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2020

June was the culmination of a few months worth of preparations - both and websites along with their blogs were refreshed, and the big announcement is coming on Monday.

Enclave Games blog


Nothing, but this is about to change.


The official report of the work I did for PWN: Technical reviewing Polish translation of the Game Programming Patterns book, and the Back to two about moving from one WordPress blog to two separate Gatsby instances: and Plus a few short news on


New section of our Monthly Reports, with Ewa’s short summary of her work: she spent her time finishing the designs of both sites I already mentioned.


Nope, nothing, not even an online one.


A little later than planned (at least a month or so…), but I’ve started publishing js13kGames 2020 experts, partners, and prizes on the competition’s website.

Plans for the next month

Big announcement, and then related gamedev work, plus continuing with the js13kGames activities.