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Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2024

During June the countdown to js13kGames 2024 started, new Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter website was published, we’ve opened our swag Shop, added Badlucky level to Flood Escape, and announced OP Guild and Arcadia collaboration with cash prizes.

Enclave Games - Monthly June 2024


I’ve added a brand new Badlucky level to the Flood Escape game as a celebration of the 13th edition of the js13kGames competition.

Enclave Games - Badlucky level in Flood Escape

Flood Escape itself is coming to Arcadia where you can find some of our other games already - blog post with the details should be out soon.


A whole lot of content was written and published last month:

Enclave Games - Badlucky level in Flood Escape: cover and gameplay


Ewa designed Badlucky level, which was inspired by Triska Reloaded. She also worked on the new js13kGames eBook.


Thirteen Badlucky t-shirts, the swag prize in the js13kGames challenge during Gamedev.js Jam 2024, were finally printed and shipped to the winners. A few extra pieces arrived at our office as well.

Enclave Games - js13kGames 2024 countdown

Preparations to the thirteenth edition of the js13kGames competition this year are already ongoing.

Enclave Games - OP Guild and Arcadia collab

The very first OP Guild collab is on - upload your game to Arcadia to have a chance of winning 500 USDC. The deadline is July 15th.


Our swag Shop was launched - you can grab a t-shirt or a hoodie with the Enclave’s logo.

Enclave Games - swag shop

Gamedev.js Weekly’s new website was published. Sending an issue through Mailchimp triggers an action that pulls the data and builds an updated static site on Cloudflare, all of that automatically. You can find the sources on GitHub.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Weekly new website

Both newsletters, Gamedev.js Weekly and Phaser World, are having their issues prepared and emailed to subscribers regularly.

Plans for the next month

More preparations to js13kGames 2024, more OP Guild involvement, and everything else in between.