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Enclave Games Monthly Report: March 2023

We’ve focused on the Gamedev.js Jam 2023 preparations in March, but some cool unrelated things happened last month as well.

Enclave Games - Monthly March 2023


I tried adding Flood Escape to Arcadia, but failed to find the time. Maybe in April?

Enclave Games - Monthly March 2023 - NSHex app with Pirates

I did update NSHex Counter app with the Pirates army, but just because it took literally a few hours to complete.


Nothing, if you don’t count the blog posts reporting on the events - more details below.


Ewa prepared a banner template for me to announce Partners, Experts, and Prizes in the upcoming Gamedev.js Jam 2023 on Twitter, so I didn’t need to ask her every single time.

Enclave Games - Monthly March 2023 - Gamedev.js Jam focusing on Challenges


Gamedev.js Jam 2023 is focusing on Challenges now, since we were forced to remove the Web Monetization category due to Coil shutting down and decided to open the Jam to non-blockchain related challenges, so effectively the Decentralized one was also removed. The economic crisis is not helping with confirming the partners either, though having their own challenge was (and still is) seriously considered by many potential companies. Also, out of curiosity, I bought Twitter Blue for @Gamedevjs since this is still our main social platform of choice.

Enclave Games - Monthly March 2023 - W3C Games CG co-chair

I was also a judge in Game7 Game Jam, which was a cool experience as voting was done entirely on-chain. Plus something I’m quite proud of - I’m now a W3C Games Community Group co-chair!


Plenty of news around Neuroshima on the website, written by me.

Our printer (and scanner) broke down, repairing was suppose to be fast and cheap, but it’s the third week and after a few updates it now seems we need to pay more than it’s worth to have it fixed for good, and we’re still waiting for the news if the repair is even complete.

Plans for the next month

April? Focusing all the energy on Gamedev.js Jam 2023, also trying something else off the top of the TODO list in the background, but I wouldn’t count on much given how the previous couple of months looked like.