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Enclave Games Monthly Report: March 2024

Gamedev.js Jam 2024 preparations and announcements, GitHub Star status renewed yet again, old Enclave Games logos revisited, NSHex Counter going open source, publishing a lot on, reviewing a printed tweet, and more - I’m happy with how writing goes along and the recently overwhelming TODO list is getting shorter each week.

Enclave Games - Monthly March 2024


Enclave Games - NSHex Counter

It’s not a game, but… I’ve open sourced NSHex Counter, so that’s something!


Enclave Games - x12

I wanted to write more on - to create more content, promote web gamedev folks, their tools and games in the community. I finally did that in March, with 12 (!) posts - those were:


Enclave Games - old logos

I wrote a blog post Celebrating Enclave Games’ anniversary with the logo retrospect going through some of the old designs sitting quietly on our old hard drive for years and digging them up now to tell you the story of how Bethesda said we needed to change our very first logo.


Lots and lots of Gamedev.js Jam 2024 announcements on Twitter: new prizes, partners, challenges, and experts. Still negotiating with and trying to get more sponsors for the jam, which is even more difficult than last year.

Enclave Games - Gamedev.js Jam 2024

Some W3C WebDX internal calls, but no W3C Games ones, unfortunately - hopefully those will resume shortly.


My GitHub Star status was extended for the fourth time, yay!

Enclave Games - GitHub Star renewed for the 4th time

Five (!) Phaser World newsletter issues sent in March (#169-#173), since the 1st and 29th were Fridays. Same for the Gamedev.js Weekly issues (#530-#534), as those are sent on Friday as well.

Enclave Games - Neuroshima Hex Championship of Poland 2024

Twelve (!) news posts on, including taking pictures of all the prizes you can win in the tournaments of the Polish Championship in 2024 starting soon. I also joined the Online League, because obviously I have too much time on my hands.

Enclave Games - TataDeveloper Furby

Four (!) posts on my parenting blog, TataDeveloper, since we had four Mondays in March, so all went according to plan.

Enclave Games - framed post from StickerMule

I published Hang your tweets on a wall with framed posts from StickerMule where I review a ridiculous product - printed tweet that StickerMule will frame for you.

Also lots of maintenance of the office equipment, both hardware and software.

I also submitted a few forms for various grants, although all the replies were eventually negative. I try to don’t bother much, I’ve commited to my first client work in years by managing Phaser World newsletter issues since the beginning of January, and it seems I’ll be diving into something bigger in the near future too.

Plans for the next month

Starting, managing, and wrapping up Gamedev.js Jam 2024. Also, completing more unfinished tasks from the TODO list and closing stuff in preparation for some potential changes ahead.