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Enclave Games Monthly Report: May 2023

May still mostly revolved around Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - from preparing and announcing the overall winners and results of all the challenges, to sending all the prizes.

Enclave Games - Monthly May 2023 - Gamedev.js Jam


No, nothing.


Nope, if you don’t count the Gamedev.js Jam announcements.


Not much design work per se beside a few banners, but Ewa judged the Open Source Challenge entries in the Jam by picking her top13 from the 91 games that participated in the challenge out of 201 total.

She also prepared a publishing plan for the next couple of months for the js13kGames account on Instagram.


Wrapping up Gamedev.js Jam 2023: announcing winners, sharing best entries from all the challenges, sending prizes. Still a few things left like a Web3 Challenge report for Game7 or an Open Source Challenge blog post for GitHub. The Gamedev.js Jam 2024 Itch page was set up already.

The Gamedev.js community partnered with the upcoming WAM Jam, so if you’ve in need of participation for prizes, then check out the details.

We had a few internal calls as part of the W3C Games Community Group discussing the plans for the future.

I’ve finally updated the js13kGames website to reflect that 2022 edition has ended (long time ago) and we’re starting the preparations to 2023. There were a few sponsorship discussions already, so I hope we’ll start announcing first partnerships soon.


Enclave Games - Monthly May 2023 - Gamedev.js Shop

Nothing in particular - it’s a good place to remind everyone about the recently opened brand new Gamedev.js Shop with cool swag though.

Plans for the next month

Preparations to js13kGames 2023, and MAYBE an attempt to make a game for the WAM Jam as an excuse to dig up a fossil very old gamedev project of mine. Don’t bring it up if I fail though, which is highly likely.