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Enclave Games Monthly Report: November 2022

Still trying to catch up and not fall behind too much.

Enclave Games - Monthly November 2022


No games as all.


I’ve written and published two blog posts: Monster’s master thesis about having our Monster Wants Candy game demo be used as the base for the master thesis about cognitive processes, and the summary of the two js13kGames 2022 events, Kick-off and Awards Ceremony.


Not much, a banner here and there.


Nope, nothing.


Printing js13kGames 2022 t-shirts got delayed - we won’t be able to ship them before the end of the year as we originally wanted to.

Health issues slowed us down a lot, so not much has been done to be honest, as you can see in this month’s report.

Plans for the next month

Recover and keep trying.