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Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2020

October was quite an active month: handling js13kGames, giving a talk at an online meetup, and writing lots of blog posts.

Enclave Games - Monthly October 2020 - TPAC 2020 Web Monetization


Nothing, unfortunately. I was so happy I got back to coding the Hat Tricks game in September, but had to put it on hold in October. I need to resume coding in November though.


Wrote a few pieces:


Ewa did many small tasks like banners for blog posts of js13kGames and Enclave Games, or photos for TataDeveloper and, but also helped with the video processing for TPAC and judged js13kGames entries.


Took part (because co-organized would be an overstatement) in the online js13kGames 2020 Awards ceremony, where we announced the winners and talked about the best entries with their authors and some of the experts. Hosted by Sascha Depold from eBay.

Gave a talk about Web Monetization in HTML5 Games during the W3C Games Community Group meetup that happened online at TPAC 2020.


Lots of js13kGames, but the digital prizes are still yet to be emailed, and t-shirts printed and shipped.

Plans for the next month

Future of Micropayments conference (already happened on November 5th, blog post coming soon), finishing js13kGames, hopefully Hat Tricks development as well, plus it’s high time to start planning the Gamedev.js Survey and the eBook - that’s a lot.