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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2020

September was (surprise, surprise) full into js13kGames, with me trying to catch up on everything else in the meantime, but with not much luck.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2020 - rooftop


Progressive Loading (using Phaser) was added to the Enclave Phaser Template, and I plan on writing a tutorial about it when I find the time. The NSHex Counter app (for Neuroshima Hex fans) was updated with the newest army, Troglodytes.

I also got back to my 100 Days of Code by reviving the Hat Tricks project and working on the game again - from scratch, since the last prototype (from a few years ago) was using an old version of Phaser 2.


I wrote quite an important piece for me called Five years of Tech Speakers on the Mozilla Community blog summarizing what the program achieved during that time, since it was oficially “paused” (unoficially: closed). This also led to writing the Shifting focus blog post about changes in our approach to what Enclave Games will do and work on in the near future.

I also published two pieces on the js13kGames’ Medium blog: about opening the voting app, and then encouraging people to write their post mortems (lessons learned from the development of their js13k submissions) thought Post Mortem Fest.


Ewa prepared the Troglodytes army tiles for the NSHex Counter app, did a bunch of js13kGames banners for the blog posts, gave feedback to the js13kGames entries submitted to the Web Monetization category, and worked on a new, small, unnamed gamedev project we’d like to release after Hat Tricks.


Haven’t given any talk, even online, but we did partner up with GrUSP (as Gamedev.js, Gamedev.js Weekly, and js13kGames) to promote their events: jsday, vueday, nodejsday, reactjsday, and angularday.


Celebrated Moloch Day - an online event that happened September 5th 2020, an important date for Neuroshima RPG fans (when Moloch attacked the humanity), thus also Neuroshima Hex ones.

Plans for the next month

Announce the winners of the competition at the js13kGames Awards ceremony, prepare and give an online talk at TPAC about the progress of Web Monetization in game development since the W3C workshop that happened in June last year, finish and release the Hat Tricks game.