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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2021

September was quite intense when it comes to js13kGames, especially the first half of the month. It wasn’t only about the competition though: I’ve updated an app, attended two meetups, and submitted a lenghty CFP.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2021: Moloch Cup


Nothing new, though the NSHex Counter app got an update with the Beasts army of the Neuroshima Hex board game.


Another bunch of articles for the js13kGames’ Medium blog:

There was also the 30 Web Monetized games in js13kGames 2021 post on the Web Monetization Community blog.


Ewa did a bunch of banners, voted on and gave feedback to the Web Monetization entries in the competition.


I didn’t give any talks this month, though I did attend the Moloch Cup in Warsaw, and the online W3C Games CG meetup, which was all about GDevelop this time.


After completing the first, curated Grant for the Web grant we’ve decided to submit a second one, this time to the open CFP. In our proposal we wanted to include and cooperate with some of the recently published projects from other grantees. I hope we’ll get it, but hard to predict what are the actual chances.

Plans for the next month

Announcing js13kGames 2021 winners during the online Awards Ceremony, then more work around the competition: distributing prizes, getting addresses to ship swag, printing stickers and t-shirts, shipping everything. Plus diving deeper into the decentralized games topic.