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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2023

The first half, or even two thirds, of September’s time went straight into js13kGames 2023. The rest of the month was spent on trying to catch up on all the other things.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2023


Nope, nothing.


Not much, although I managed to publish a few short news on the Gamedev.js website at the end of the month:


Ewa didn’t do anything in September as she focused on our daughter going to the first class in the new school.


There were 163 entries in js13kGames 2023, which is only a couple down from last year.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2023: all 163 entries from js13kGames 2023

The voting period to pick the winners is coming to a close with the announcement planned for Thursday.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2023: JS Gamedev Summit 2023 Program Committee

The JS Gamedev Summit 2023 was held online on September 28th and 29th, where I was in the Program Committee.


Interestingly enough, I was hired by Baked Games to be a beta tester of the upcoming Neuroshima Hex game port for PC on Steam.

Enclave Games - Monthly September 2023: Neuroshima Hex on Steam

I’m really happy to do it, since I’m running the Polish fan site for almost thirteen years now.

Plans for the next month

Wrapping up js13kGames 2023: announcing winners during the Awards Ceremony on October 5th, collecting shipping addresses, managing the printing of the t-shirts, and then shipping them along with the gadgets to the top100 winners and all the experts.

The Gamedev.js Survey 2023 is overdue more than half a year now, so it would be great to catch up and run it before the end of 2023. I’d need to review questions and answers first, which would be cool to do with the help from the community.