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NSHex Counter updated with Merchants Guild

It’s that time of the year again when Portal Games releases a new army pack for the Neuroshima Hex board game and we’re updating the NSHex Counter app to include it - this time it’s Merchants Guild.

Enclave Games - NSHex Counter - Merchants Guild

The app created for Neuroshima Hex fans to track the current state of their stack of tokens left is being published two days before the official Championship of Poland planned for this Saturday at Portalcon. If you choose to, you will be able to use it during all the matches of the final tournament.

The app itself was created using the Phaser framework and launched in 2019, with the new armies being added more or less regularly every year:

It’s still totally free to be used, as part of our efforts to support the Neuroshima Hex fan base that we foster as well.

Enclave Games - NSHex Counter - Moloch Cup

Since the launch the NSHex Counter app was used quite heavily by participants during Neuroshima Hex Championship of Poland - both the qualifier tournaments and the finals too.