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NSHex Counter goes Open Source

Our web app for counting tiles when playing Neuroshima Hex board game that was originally released in 2019, NSHex Counter, is now open sourced on GitHub.

Enclave Games - NSHex Counter

Keeping track of the used and remaining tiles in yours and your opponent’s stashes can be crucial, especially just before the end of the game when knowing what comes next can make a difference between winning and losing. You can do all that in your head, keep notes on a piece of paper, or… use NSHex Counter.

The web app was on GitHub since the very beginning, but I kept the source files in a private repository. I’m not sure why I did that in the first place, but now it’s out - you can freely check how it was built (hint: Enclave Phaser Template), and also possibly help make it better.

Enclave Games - NSHex Counter on GitHub

Given the recent drama and the positive response from the Polish community I think the future of the Neuroshima Hex board game is bright. We have more new initiatives starting recently than ever, and putting NSHex Counter in the open is a small addition to that as well. Especially now when the Championship of Poland starts next week, since the app is quite popular during the qualification tournaments already.

With this move folks will be able to send requests, fix bugs, and help drive NSHex Counter forward. I already have plans to update the layout on desktop, and offer an option to view all tiles on screen without the need to scroll, which apparently can be buggy sometimes.