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NSHex Counter updated with Partisans

Two weeks ago we’ve added the Merchants Guild army to the NSHex Counter app, and now it’s time to catch up and implement Partisans.

Enclave Games - NSHex Counter - Partisans

Merchants Guild was released (in September 2023) as a printed, physical army pack for the Neuroshima Hex board game, while Partisans are available (since November 2023) only as a digital add-on - in the Neuroshima Hex app for mobile devices running iOS or Android.

You can already see the list of remaining tiles in the original app itself, and that updates automatically, but we’ve decided to add Partisans to our Counter anyway as it can work as a helper app on a second device and be easier to view. Plus we hope the Partisans army will be printed at some point in the future and released the traditional way like the other packs.