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Enclave Games Shop is now open!

Remember Enclave’s swag is out blog post? We got asked about that print a few times recently, and decided to share it with you all! After launching js13kGames Shop and Gamedev.js Shop on the same Spreadshirt platform we’ve decided to open Enclave Games Shop as well.

Enclave Games - Shop Open buy

This particular design is a bit different than the one we printed ourselves earlier though: the “old” hoodie had the big logo on the back, while the new Spreadshirt version have it on the front.

This design is available on t-shirts, but also hoodies and tote bags as well. Plus we also added a second, smaller version of the logo on the front only for t-shirts, as it just looks cool.

Enclave Games - Shop Open products

Grab anything from the Shop if you’d like to support what we’re doing and wear it proudly, every single sale helps - thank you!