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Enclave's swag is out!

After printing and shipping js13kGames t-shirts with different design every year since 2012 we finally did something Enclave-themed - check out our first ever hoodie!

Enclave Games - Swag hoodie

Beside js13kGames, we also did print some Gamedev.js t-shirts once or twice, and even had designs for some Neuroshima Hex swag, but it’s the first time when we finally have clothes that are strictly “Enclave Games”.

Those are also the first hoodies we’ve printed, and decided to have a bunch of tote bags along as well, since we’ve used those a lot from random conferences I gave talk at in the past.

Enclave Games - Swag bag

I should’ve done this years ago to up my SWAG game, since the js13kGames t-shirts I was usually wearing at events were covered by Mozilla or GitHub hoodies up until now.

Those hoodies were so comfy though that I decided to go with the exact same brand and model - American Apparel, Unisex Flex.

Enclave Games - Swag icons

As usual, this is also an original design from Ewa - she did well using small gamedev icons to build our logo, don’t you think?

How do you like the overall look?