Ewa Mazur


Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter gets... a new website!

Right after getting a new mobile template, the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter got a brand new website, which is now a bit more than just a single landing page.


Into the future with OP Guild

The big news are out: I'm joining OP Games as Developer Advocate to lead the newly formed OP Guild.


Celebrating Enclave Games' anniversary with the logo retrospect

Today is the seventh year anniversary of starting the company, as in the day the legal entity was registered in Poland, although Enclave Games had its domain bought and website launched in 2012 already when I quit my full-time front-end job in a corporation and decided to make web games instead.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: January 2024

Lots of things happened in January: we've summarized 2023 and made plans for 2024, published Gamedev.js Survey 2023 results, I've prepared the first four weekly issues of the Phaser World newsletter after revival, W3C Games group had a meetup about generative AI, the NSHex Counter app got two armies (Merchants Guild and Partisans) added, and I published ten different news posts on NeuroshimaHex.pl.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2023

Announcing winners, sending prizes, collecting shipping details - with no surprise at all, October still mostly revolved around the js13kGames 2023 competition.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2023

The first half, or even two thirds, of September's time went straight into js13kGames 2023. The rest of the month was spent on trying to catch up on all the other things.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2023

Beside being busy with the js13kGames competition as usual every August since 2012, we also celebrated the 500th issue of the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter - the first one was sent at the beginning of January 2014.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: July 2023

With no surprise at all, during July the js13kGames preparations took over the entire month.

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2023

I haven't written a single line of code since the last game we've released more than two years ago, so I'm happy to report that in June I did join a game jam, and submitted an entry!

Monthly Report

Enclave Games Monthly Report: May 2023

May still mostly revolved around Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - from preparing and announcing the overall winners and results of all the challenges, to sending all the prizes.