Advantages and disadvantages of gamstop

A Gamstop is a special programme at an online casino. Its purpose is to allow the player to limit their access to the game completely or in a certain part of it. Such a program plays a big role for players prone to gambling addiction. It is found in many popular casinos. However, you need to think carefully about whether you should choose a casino with this feature. Or choose a casino without gamstop, which will not be inferior in terms of reliability. For example:

After all, it's far from news that gambling can be addictive. The fact is that such games should only be treated as entertainment, where, of course, there is a chance of hitting the jackpot. However, it is not a form of earning. Gambling should not be treated as a job.

Gamblers should take a closer look at gamstop in order to understand their advantages and disadvantages.


This program is only convenient for those players who have a propensity for gambling and don't feel a limit when they need to stop. The gamstop programme is free and every player can register for it. If the casino is licensed in the UK, registration in this program is mandatory.

In such casinos, you can choose a time period of self-exclusion from the game. It is large enough and ideal for those players who have decided to quit gambling. Consequently, in the selected time period, the player will not receive any notifications from the company, will not be able to log in to his account and, accordingly, play the game.

The second advantage of such casinos is their official operation. It will definitely be a licensed casino operating officially. Here, you won't encounter any frauds. This casino can be trusted.

Such casinos have good and fast customer support.

In the process of self-exclusion, more than one selected casino gets a break. All accounts at different casinos are blocked. This is convenient in that you don't have to go into each individual account and block it.


The first disadvantage is the long period of self-exclusion. It is a minimum of 6 months. When that period ends, it can be extended at the discretion of the player. However, there are only 2 options here which do not look convenient or practical at all. You can choose a simple self-exclusion for the same 6 months or you can extend it for 5 years.

Those who play without a gamstop can dispose of their playing time as they wish. They do not have any time limit.

A second disadvantage is the limited number of payment methods. This may act as a barrier to play, or simply be an inconvenience. Online casinos without this feature may have more payment options.

The next major disadvantage is that anyone can register a player through this program. All you need to know is the information you need. This includes: name, e-mail and date of birth. It is not possible to unblock it once it has been started.

The number of bonuses without gamstop is considerably higher than with it. Players have bonuses available at registration, for holidays, various loyalty programmes and much more. Such bonuses help online casinos retain users who, in turn, get a free chance to snatch big winnings.

Well, a large number of games are always present at a casino without gamstop. All variations of gambling games can be found here in a wide range, from table games to roulette. The producers of the games in this case will be cutting edge manufacturers who have already gained the trust and interest of the players.

Casinos in the UK are obliged to connect the programme. However, this is not a guarantee that other casinos are less safe. It is not. Other casinos also operate under licence. They may also provide a temporary self-exclusion service. But their time period may be less than six months. It can range from a few days to a few weeks to months. Also, casinos without gamstop may allow players to set the maximum amount of the deposit. The amount a player sets himself, and if it is reached, he can not exceed it and spend uncommitted funds.

Getting around casinos with gamstop is simple. Simply choose a casino that does not support it.

However, if you do have an addiction to games, you should remember that gamstop is just one of the steps to combat it. In the case of the presence of the problem, it is worth using the services of specialists.