Expert slot tips that can ensure victory

Pretty much everyone is playing UK slots in 2020; there is simply no denying it. Ever since the invention of online slots there has been an exponentially rising number of people playing these games, and gambling analysts expect to see this trend continue far into the future - play games at Slotzo. There should be no surprise there either really, because online slots are so much more practical to play than their traditional land-based counterparts. For a start you can play on them from the comfort of your own home, and there are also many more games to choose from, all at the touch of your fingertips. It is funny looking back to the late 1800s, where Charles D. Fey would have just created the Liberty Bell slot machine. Back the machines were incredibly simple and prizes were also rather uninspiring, fast forward a century and everything has changed!

One of the main differences between the 21st Century online slot industry and that of the late 19th Century is the amount of money that is now available to developers and online casino platforms as revenue. It is a genuinely crazy amount, and means that most online casinos are bringing in more money than their traditional land-based counterparts. This is perfect news for us slot gamblers too, because it means that there is way more prize money on offer. And this ties in to the main reason why people love gambling on the slots so much – in order to win a hefty old jackpot! But here’s the thing: it isn’t actually that easy to win at online slots in 2020, and you certainly cannot just go in and expect to win straight away. Basically you need to know your stuff, so read ahead for some expert slot tips that can ensure victory.

Know your stuff

First things first: you simply have to know your stuff when it comes to online slots before you actually begin spending any real money on the games, because if you do not then you will quickly find yourself getting out of pocket. This might sound like common sense, and indeed it is, but you seriously would not believe the amount of first time slot gamblers expecting to win on their first session without really having a clue what they are doing.

Online slots are not like other casino games like roulette where you can ride your lucky without knowing too much about the game itself, you simply must learn some of the basics. Here are a few bits of vocabulary you will find very useful:

Choose the right slot for you

Something else that many online slot beginners don’t realise is that these games can come in many different shapes and sizes, so you have to make sure you are playing a slot that suits your style of play. The main thing to consider here is slot volatility, a piece of information that can be a great help in telling you whether or not you are spinning the reels on the right online slot game.

It works like this: high volatility slots make it easier to win big with big bets, however they are also easier to lose big on too. On the other hand are low volatility slots, much better for gamblers who don’t want to take many risks and would prefer to slowly and steadily increase their bankroll. Think about which of these would work the best for you and choose your slots accordingly.

Pick a slot that will give you a good chance of winning

Moreover, it is also true that not every single online slot is built to pay out as much as you might think. It is therefore important that you are choosing an online slot to play that will actually give you a good shot of winning, otherwise you can find yourself losing money unnecessarily. A piece of information called RTP is your best friend here, as it stands for Return To Player and will give you a good indication of the average amount of money you can expect back from your stake.

This is given as a percentage, and we would strongly advise keeping clear of most slots with an RTP of under 96%. There are exceptions of course, and the main one is in the case of progressive jackpot slots, as these will necessarily have quite a low RTP.

Make full use of bonus features

UK slots in 2020 are full to the brim with tantalizing bonus features, and you would be a fool not to use these to your advantage, especially seeing as it is here that the most money is to be made. Seriously, if you are looking for a big win you are definitely going to need to make use of the bonus features, and the only way to do this properly is to make sure you know how they work.

Many professional online slot gamblers use the game’s free mode first, purely so that they can get to grips with the mechanics of its bonus round. Imagine losing out on a couple hundred grand just because you didn’t know what to do at the crucial moment… You don’t want that!

Make full use of online casino deposit bonuses

The online slot industry is very competitive these days, and it is the reason why many online casino sites have started to offer some pretty crazy bonuses in exchange for depositing cash with them. You need to make use of these, it is a no brainer!