Gameplay Guide to Zombie Hoard Slot

Online slots these days are so fun that even the un-dead absolutely love to spin those reels and win a huge amount of money in the process. Okay, obviously that is not strictly accurate, however we would be willing to bet that if zombies really did exist they would be infatuated with this exhilarating sector of online casino at Online slot developers are always on the lookout for the next hot theme, so it should come as no surprise that the online casino juggernauts Microgaming have come up with Zombie Hoard. Let’s take a look at it.

Zombie Hoard and its Bonus Features

Zombie Hoard is definitely a slightly less serious game than the other horror themed online slots by Microgaming such as Immortal Romance that have complex and engrossing plots. In fact, your main aim with this slot is to help a rather comical zombie find as many brains as it possibly can, something that comes with quite the monetary reward. Microgaming have gone with a fairly nice RTP of 95.29% here as well, so you know that a good old session on Zombie Hoard is bound to pay at least some dividends. As for the configuration of this slot, Microgaming have opted for a standard 3x5 format with a slightly unusual 9 pay lines. The symbols in Zombie Hoard take the shape of the standard high value card symbols, as well as a colourful array of characters. Look out for the particularly scary chef, as he will bring you 500x your initial bet!

The lucrative aspect of this slot isn’t just confined to its symbols, however, because Microgaming have made sure that there are a variety of heart quickening bonuses on offer too. The main one to keep an eye on is wholly concerned with the brains that our zombie friend is trying to collect – as these appear on the reels they will slowly fill a free spins meter. Find 30 or more brains and you will be granted 34 free spins, something that could end up leaving you with some seriously heavier pockets.

About Microgaming and Other Slots by Them

Online slot developers really don’t get much bigger than Microgaming, and for good reason too, because these guys seriously know exactly how to make a cracking piece of online casino entertainment. Based in Malta, the company have been in operation since around 1994, being one of the first people to develop a piece of genuine online casino software. Nowadays they are one of the most respected developers in the industry, with things like their Progressive Jackpot Network turning a huge number of heads. Take a look at some of the gems in their extensive back-catalogue:

Zombie Hoard: The Verdict

We loved Zombie Hoard, mainly because of its amiable and comic theme, but also because it represents a pretty good chance of winning some money too. In typical fashion from Microgaming the slot plays immaculately, meaning that all your effort can go on playing the game as well as you can.