How Esports are Shaping The Gambling Industry

Over the years, and especially in the past few years, technology advancements have revolutionized the online gambling industry. Esports betting is one of the thriving branches that shows no signs of slowing down.

How Esports are Shaping The Gambling Industry

Shortly after the appearance of esports, where professional gamers pit their wit against each other, the idea of betting on who emerges victorious started to loom. The rising popularity stimulated licensed sports betting companies to allow enthusiastic gamblers to bet on these video games. It was not so late that esports betting was established and proved its powers to shape the gambling industry. Before, there were only so many options for online gambling, such as traditional sports or casino, and to tap into that, you need to be very careful with so many villain sites trying to lure you in. The way people do it is by referring to sites like, to avoid a loss and also gain a little bit of knowledge about it.

Anyway, back to the main topic, one of the most immediately visible ways in which esports is shaping the gambling industry comes right from the vast built-in audience. Although esports was rising even before Covid-19 hit the planet, the cancelation of many major sports events gave it the powers to reach more audiences within a very short time than it would otherwise do.

In this article, we will explore the powers of esports and how it is shaping the gambling industry.

Esports Going Mainstream

There are already established ways of watching ‘traditional’ sports events, such as football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. Even so, gamblers are relegated to watch a limited selection of sports matches via their widescreens or digitally, if they can access.

In this regard, esports is completely different and uniques. It practically allows every game and tournament, including seemingly minor league, to be watched over the internet and, interestingly, for free. This is undoubtedly something that physical sports cannot easily adopt; therefore, giving esports an advantage to draw a large audience. From a gambling perspective, punters find it exhilarating to follow the thrill of the game, and so they wager to test their game knowledge.

The access to esports games allows enthusiasts to enjoy their sports of choice while giving them an opportunity to engage different brands.

As if that is not enough, the digital nature of esports games gives punters the ability to watch replays or even download completed matches so they can watch them from all angles they wish. Enthusiasts are given a rare opportunity to closely monitor players and overall team performance thanks to additional features and tools that can be used alongside esports games, such as this one example from

Another thing that gives esports powers to shape online sports betting is the easiness of fitting within the existing gambling systems. Esports have made their way into gambling industries without any need to implement new laws because it is completely safe for both gamblers and bookmakers. It is so amazing to see how esports started their mainstream gambling life with all the benefits that so many other physical sports spend years to find.

The mainstream exposure of esports has caused gamblers to set up shop and try their hands in this technology-propagated economy.

Esports betting on the rise

We all know that football matches are the most famous events in the world of gambling. Thankfully, esports has grown to a point where fantasy football is infiltrating the video game sector. Besides, more gambling sites are allowing users to wager on esports tournaments as they would bet on physical sports.

Being a spectator sport, esports has achieved enormous success, which constantly elicits online betting operators’ reactions. Esports continues to make significant milestones by introducing tournaments worth millions of dollars.

Some of the most notable things that make esports the future of gambling include,

1. The massive entertainment value

Esports games feature a vast entertainment value. The various esports spots being constructed worldwide are a clear indicator that the sport is winning the attention of millions of fans from all walks.

Major leagues like EPL have their esports version, with world-class clubs having esports teams. That’s not to mention that you can stream esports tournaments through top-notch streaming platforms like Twitch. Esports’ digitals nature makes pretty everything appealing.

With this entertainment value gamblers are getting from esports, it is a no-brainer to say that esports is shaping the gambling industry.

2. A stretching market

From esports advent until its popularity, it is evident that it is a growing market. Game developers and gambling sites are working tirelessly to provide bettors and gamblers with an incredibly overwhelming experience.

According to a report by Statistica, the esports market revenue stands at 1.08 billion US dollars, and Newzoo projects it to hit 1.8 billion US billion dollars by 2022. In a short period of time, esports games are rivaling big-name traditional sports events like the NFL.

With yearly competitions worth millions of dollars and more features like skins, esports will likely continue rising into popularity and shape the future of gambling.

3. There is still an untapped market

Esports betting has had its fair share of popularity over the last few years. Even now, it shows no signs of slowing, and nothing seems to stop it from entering into the future. The untapped potential is one of the things that multiplies its momentum going into the future of gambling.

With the game developers being relentless in their effort to make esports more popular, it is with no doubt that the gaming industry will change in the next few years. When developers are working to ensure a mind-boggling experience, new gamers are showing their interest in being part of the revolution. And, more betting sites are shifting to esports to stay on-trend while delivering the best gambling experience.

As all parties do everything to make esports user-friendly, more instantaneous, and more accessible, this video games sector will likely continue seeing rapid growth and eventually become the future of gambling.


Esports is one of the digital entertainments on a fast growth track, and it is almost making it to the top of the entertainment industry. On the other side, betting options are fueling its economic advance, helping draw a broader audience. While it is not clear how far esports will go and the challenges the industry may encounter in the future, we have seen it change the gambling industry when everything seemed tumultuous. That said, it makes perfect sense to say that esports is shaping the future of gambling.