What are some of the Best Ways to Profit from Online Games?

As online games grow in popularity, there are opening up tons of jobs for people with the right skills. Some of them are easy to land, and others require intensive skills. Below are some of these opportunities, how to qualify, and how much you can expect to earn.

Creating and Leasing Games

More than three-quarters of iGaming websites provide games they didn’t create. Instead, they lease software from developers that specialize in creating slots, blackjack or poker games. Of course, most of them go after renowned software providers like Netent, Microgaming and Playtech.

But if you have a passion for developing slots, you shouldn’t lose hope on your dreams. Some of the top 20 developers in 2020 were small startups a decade ago. Australia’s Big Time Gaming, for example, didn’t get popular until it created Megaways slot machines.

For the uninitiated, Megaways slots provide tens of thousands of ways to win, a steep jump from many slots that offer 10-100 ways to win. Creating a slot machine is surprisingly something you can do with Unity 3D. But to develop something casinos would pay for, you would need immense creativity and excellent skills.

Playing Casino Games

Playing slots and table games is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make money from online games. You don’t need programming skills or any experience at all. Instead, the primary qualification for playing a slot is to know how to push buttons on a computer.

Blackjack and poker have a short learning curve, and you might need experience to become an expert at them. However, they too don't demand the exceptional skills professional eSports players have. That being said, you also need a budget if you want to play real money games.

Zamsino can help you find UK-based online casinos that gift you bonuses so that you play some games free of charge. The rewards increase if you also deposit money. British casinos are also known for providing recommendable services overall.

If you live in Canada, you might want to choose a casino from Beaverslots. The website features a list of gaming websites that accept Canadian dollars but also provide welcome bonuses. Of course, these are top-rated platforms; some also registered to operate in the UK.

Affiliate Marketing

In this era of working online, digital marketing is one of the most profitable jobs out there. Usually, you need a website and an active social media account. You then need a partner company which can pay you a commission for every new customer you recommend.

With the help of blogging, you can build an audience of thousands of people who enjoy your content. And if you can convince hundreds of them to join sites you recommend, you could earn a decent income each month. Depending on how successful your business becomes, you could quit your day job to become a full-time online marketer.

But before you do it, learn the fundamentals of marketing. Blogging, for starters, is a sure way to attract an audience. Building your website rank to appear at the top of Google’s search ranks increases your traffic further while adverts magnify your fan base tenfold.

Develop Apps and Websites

If you can develop online games but don’t have a market for them, try creating apps. Nearly every online gaming website is advocating for mobile gaming. So, if you can create an excellent app, you can approach new gaming sites and sell it to them.

Alternatively, you can advertise your web building skills. If you can also create themes and animated features, there’s a demand for these add-ons. Most websites no longer want to appear uptight and overly traditional. As such, they include animations, picture loops and other fun things that could make them look casual and friendly.

Still on add-ons, many online casinos are jumping on the chatbot trend to enhance their customer service departments. So, if you can create a chatbot, looks for gambling sites without these communication tools and pitch your idea. If you are lucky, you could get contracted to become a permanent staff member.

Work for a Gaming Website

All signs show the online gambling business will keep growing for the next decade. The US just legalized it, meaning there’s an upsurge of new casinos targeting North American customers. In Europe, new betting apps keep cropping up, both those that target local and international markets.

For better or for worse, online casinos tend to keep employment information private. They announce open positions through their websites. But you’ll need to apply and get an interview to know salary and allowance information.

Regardless, working at a gaming website is like any other job. In fact, you could work for long because these businesses operate round the clock all-year-round. They have lots of job opportunities though, from dealers to support staff, accountants to programmers.

Blog and Vlog

Marketing isn’t the only way to support the iGaming industry. You could create a platform through which you deliver important gambling news. Alternatively, you could compare slots, guide people on how to play poker and blackjack games.

Ideally, the objective is to talk about content that affects the gaming industry. Once you gain a notable audience, you can then monetize your website with adverts or by selling merchandise. Of course, you can also market a few gaming websites to increase your revenue.

What’s more, you could add YouTube and social media to your list of blogging platforms. These days, the video game streaming platform Twitch has also become an avenue for people to talk about casino games. Against that backdrop, you can reach out to hundreds of thousands or millions of people if you deliver quality content.

The takeaway

The iGaming industry is a business on the rise. So, if you've been thinking of making money online, consider some of the options we've highlighted above. Playing games is the easiest method as you require few skills. However, you also have an alternative to creating useful casino products, blogging or marketing renowned gaming websites.