Review of Lucha Legends Online Slot

Have you ever seen the cult status box office smash hit Nacho Libre featuring one of the most popular comedic actors of the modern era, the one and only Jack Black? For those of you that haven’t, this is a film wholly preoccupied with the tradition of Mexican wrestling, one that has captured the imagination of people all around the world. Oh yes, whilst Mexico is probably better known for its amazing food, wonderful music, and unfortunately in modern times its struggle with cartel induced violence, its custom of wrestling is also very popular indeed. For example, have you ever watched WWE before? This worldwide wrestling phenomenon is watched by millions of people every single week, and one of the most popular wrestlers who takes part has got to be the diminutive but powerful Rey Mysterio – a character modelled pretty much completely on the exciting world of Mexican wrestlers.

Those of you that haven’t been exposed to this type of sport before will surely be wondering what the hell it is by now, and the answer is that it is pretty much identical to other forms of wrestling played across the world, just not the heavily commercialised and actually quite ridiculous WWE strain. Mexican wrestlers are mainly known for the colourful masks they wear over their faces, a tradition that stretches back to the early 20th Century. They are also very well positioned to perform gravity defying moves in the ring, something that almost certainly inspired the US when they first began the WWE movement. Lucha Libre is the official name of this practise in Mexico, so it more than makes sense that the burgeoning online slot developers Real Time Gaming have decided to call their new game Lucha Legends. A lot has been said of the online casino industry’s like almost divine ability to turn anything from popular culture into a good old slot game, and here’s your proof. But does it do this wonderful Mexican tradition justice? Read ahead for a comprehensive breakdown of the Lucha Legends online slot from Real Time Gaming.

About Lucha Legends and its Aesthetic

As you might well expect from a game called Lucha Legends, the general aesthetic here is one that is wholly concerned with the exciting world of Mexican wrestling. As such the colour scheme here is bright and vivid, immediately making it an enticing play, even before you have a chance to actually spin any of the reels. The setting of Lucha Legends is, naturally, a Mexican wrestling arena, located in what looks like a rather secluded basement. Without the variety of colourful symbols, and of course the game logo, things could look a bit dreary for our liking, however Real Time Gaming have made sure we get the best of both worlds here giving this slot an inherent realism that can be hard to find elsewhere in the online slot entertainment market.

There are no prizes for guessing what the symbols are going to be during Lucha Legends, as they are all obviously going to be related to the sport of Mexican wrestling – or else what would be the point? As such there are a variety of tailored icons that can appear on the reels. In fact, Real Time Gaming have made sure this game continues to be interesting, because instead of taking the easy route and simply having a few different masks as symbols, this developer has decided to include an assortment of snacks and beverages that are typically eaten before and after a Lucha Libre fight. So, spin the reels on the 5x3 grid and standby for a variety of icons such as chillies, beer, tequila, chips, guacamole, a headline article in a newspaper or the coveted champion cup and belt. These all have various prize levels, with the champions cup and belt bringing in a tasty 1,000 coins for those lucky enough to encounter them. Something we really liked about Lucha Legends is the fact aht Real Time Gaming haven’t gone with the somewhat lazy option of using card symbols as the low paying icons, something that really sets them apart in the modern online slots industry.

About Lucha Legends and its Bonus Features

The good news doesn’t end there either, because Lucha Legends has quite the number of tantalizing bonus features, meaning that you could well end up a lot richer after a slots session on this title. For example, the game’s wild symbols are two loveable characters called Taco Malo and Guacamolo (Real Time Gaming could have been a bit more inventive with their names, but hey ho), and these guys will swap with any other symbol apart from the scatter to contribute to some seriously juicy wins. Lucha Legends really comes alive whenever you have the good fortune of finding the scatter symbol – a wrestling ring – anywhere on the reels, as the prizes really are excellent.

No seriously, these prizes rival anything we have seen in the online slots sphere, they really are fantastic! Find 5 wrestling rings, for example, and you will win a whooping 200x of your total bet – pretty damn good, right? Of course, you won’t always be lucky enough to find 5, but even 3 will send you through to the Time To Rumble feature in which you must choose a special move out of the Spanko Especial, the Supremo Foot of Fury, or the Thunder Clap Bam Bam. Pull it off and this will reward you with at least 10 free spins, maybe more!

About Real Time Gaming and Other Slots by Them

You don’t often hear about Real Time Gaming in the online slot world, mainly because of the relentless work of people like NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Microgaming, however they are actually one of the longest standing players in the game, having been established all the way back in 1998. Just take a look at some of their other online slot titles:

Lucha Legends: The Verdict

You know what? This has got to be one of the best online slots we’ve played in ages. The general theme is excellent, but this game really excels when it comes to its bonus features.