Hungry Fridge

Hyper casual mobile HTML5 game.
Hungry Fridge

Hungry Fridge

Hungry Fridge is hungry! Feed it with proper food to get the highest score!

PEGI 3 | Arcade | Hyper Casual | Mobile | Landscape | HTML5 | Phaser | Gamepad API | Web Monetization

Released: 07/2014 | Last updated: 01/2015

This game is available for licensing.

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The Fridge will tell you what it wants to eat. Follow the color of the food marker and its counter, tap the proper food to feed the Fridge and collect points. Tap the wrong food or let it go out of the screen and you will lose energy.

Making of

Published in 2014, implements the theme change from GitHub Game Off 2013, although didn't participate. Used as a test demo for the Gamepad API Content Kit and appears in the HTML5 Game Development Insights book. Half a year later after release the game was redesigned with fresh new graphics. Read the making of blog post for more details.


Coding: Andrzej Mazur | Design: Ewa Mazur


Hungry Fridge - mainmenuHungry Fridge - storyHungry Fridge - howtoplay-mobileHungry Fridge - gameplay-mobileHungry Fridge - controls-gamepadHungry Fridge - gameplay-gamepadHungry Fridge - testing