2023 is the Year of Esports: How You Can Get Involved Using Your Smartphone

2023 is the Year of Esports: How You Can Get Involved Using Your Smartphone

If you are a gamer, playing at home or on the move using your Android or iOS smartphone, chances are you'll already know all about esports. The professional gaming industry has enjoyed a spike in popularity since 2020, attracting mllions of new fans, writers and even players. Esports is now a viable career option for a talented young gamer.

That increased interest in esports can be credited to many factors. There is more games shown on live streaming apps and television than ever before and with esports now being accessible, people of all ages and from different backgrounds can study, play, make predictions and even bet on the results. But how can you get involved and avoid being late to the party?

If you wish to join sports betting sites to bet on and watch esports, you're in the right place. We have invited an online gambling expert with over a decade of experience in the industry to share their tips, advice and any hints on backing a winner.

By the end of this page, we hope your esports and gambling knowledge have improved to a level where you can make a profit from betting on esports games and tournaments.

Esports background

Esports may be more popular today than at any point in history, but it's not a new arrival. The esports industry may seem like a fad or overnight sensation but if you have been following since before 2020, you'll know that's simply not the case.

Esports has been around for many years but until recently it existed in the background, viewed as a niche market and not heavily promoted. The top minds working at gambling apps knew things were about to change and invested heavily in esports, knowing it could become a goldmine for betting. They were right.

Gambling companies ploughed cash into the early esports tournaments through sponsorship and prize money which, in turn, helped attract higher-quality players. They often broadcast the top teams and tournaments on their live streaming app, offering pre-game and in-play betting odds, stats, scores and more.

What the future holds

What the future holds

We're witnessing just the beginning of esports rise and although it's been impressive and fast-paced so far, we've seen nothing yet. Some industry insiders believe we're not too far away from a time when esports is more popular than traditional sports, like football and soccer. At least in terms of attracting bets.

As the competition grows and the most famous esports teams continues to invest in their future, attracting the top emerging talent from the gaming world, things will get more exciting. A greater number of fixtures will be shown on live streaming apps and television, they'll be covered by betting odds and reported on in national newspapers.

It shouldn't be too long before esports gamblers begin to win big at the bookies, using their knowledge and experience to predict a winner and grab a profit. That will lead to an increase in wagers placed on esports in the United States, United Kingdom and other major gambling nations.

Watching the action

Esports apps know the quickest way to world dominance is to show as many esports fixtures live as possible. The more people have access to live streaming of games and competitions, the more fans it will attract.

Leading sportsbooks offer all registered customers free access to their HD-quality live streaming with expert commentary, exciting camera angles, results and predictions.

Simply register with a bookie and click the live streaming tab for an updated list of which esports fixtures they'll cover today.

Placing esports bets

When you completed your research, joined an esports betting app and landed your bonus, it's time to make predictions. You can wager on the winner of a tournament or upcoming game.

The most interesting markets are covered, including game one winner, totals, handicaps and more. There's something for everyone and we advise testing your knowledge and luck with a legal online esports bet.

Promotions and specials

To further sweeeten the deal and attract a crowd of new gamblers, esports bookies offer a range of promotions and specials to gamblers.

The most impressive is the deposit-matched free bet. Join a bookie, deposit funds and secure the free bet tokens.

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