What Are the Advantages of Using Controllers for Specific Game Genres

What Are the Advantages of Using Controllers for Specific Game Genres

The allure of gaming controllers is unmatched. Most serious gamers prefer using a controller during their various expeditions. The buttons of the controller promise precision, and the joysticks guarantee fluid movement.

But are controllers a relic of the console era? Do they truly boost the experience for specific game genres? The answer is a resounding yes. And this might be the reason why Mac gamers are asking can you use a PS4 controller on Mac. Even though Mac computers are not the first choice for gamers, gaming on a Mac has become much more enjoyable due to the fast processors and the exciting world of Apple Arcade. By pairing Macs with PS4 controllers, gamers are enhancing their gaming experience. Also, it isn’t rocket science to pair a PS4 controller with a Mac. It can be done via Bluetooth or micro-USB.

Besides Mac, you can connect gaming controllers with your other gaming devices as well. For instance, you can connect a controller to your mobile phone. Now, let’s understand why gamers might be interested in connecting controllers to their computers and phones.

This guide explores how controllers unlock the full potential of different genres to inject a jolt of pure gaming joy.

Precision platformers

Imagine leaping across razor-thin platforms in Hollow Knight or scaling the crumbling towers in Celeste. Using a mouse and keyword will feel like you are trying to thread a needle with a spatula. You need to be precise with your movements, or you risk losing the game. This is where controllers come in handy. The analog sticks of a controller grant gamers a nuanced level of control over moving the character. The subtle tilts in the controller will result in minuscule adjustments, and this will allow you to pixelate-perfect landings, hug walls, and conquer challenges with a high level of dexterity.

Racing games

When you need to drift through the corners in Need for Speed Heat or barrel down the streets of Forza Horizon 5, you require responsiveness and a precise grip on the wheel. Although keywords offer responsiveness, they lack tactile feedback and the intuitiveness of a controller.

By gripping the wheel-shaped pad of the controller, you will feel the rumble of the car’s engine. You can turn your car using the analog stick that mimics the steering wheel. It is these little elements that make a significant difference to the overall gaming experience, and these nuances are impossible to replicate with a mouse and keyboard.

Sports games

If you need to sink three-pointers in NBA 2K23, throw a no-hitter in MLB, or launch a Hail Mary pass in Madden NFL 24, a keyboard will simply not cut it. The physical engagement and spatial awareness offered by controllers are not the cup of tea of keyboards.

Gamers can use analog sticks to mimic jogging, throwing motions, and aiming. All of these translate into the real-world feel of sports but in a virtual realm. By using a controller to play sports games, you will be transported to the field and may suddenly start to feel the weight of the bat, the tension of the crowd, or the flick of the wrist. The level of immersion you will be experiencing is impossible when playing using a keyboard.

Open-world adventures

So, have you decided to traverse the breathtaking landscapes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or explore the sprawling cityscapes of Cyberpunk 2077? Mice and keyboard may slow you down, and you may even feel clunky when navigating these expansive worlds. You might feel restricted, and this will translate into limited movement on the screen.

Thanks to the comfortable design and intuitive joysticks of the controllers, you can glide through the landscapes with a lot of grace and effortlessness.

Besides individual game genres, controllers offer the following universal advantages to gamers:

However, not all controllers are the same. You have to choose a controller that is compatible with your device.

Summing Up

As you can see, controllers are not relics. They are precision instruments that unlock the full potential of games. Controllers offer intuitiveness, responsiveness, and better control to take your gaming experience to the next level. So, if you haven’t yet tried playing games using controllers, it is high time to make the switch.

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