4 Fun Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained On A Long Car Journey

Long car journeys can be a fun experience, they give you a break from the busy world and a chance to relax. However, long car journeys can be boring, so you need to find ways to keep yourself entertained during the trip. Whether you are doing a road trip with friends or travelling solo, it is important you keep yourself busy. If you are in need of some inspiration, here are four ways to have fun and stay entertained on a long car journey.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a great way to keep yourself entertained during a long car journey as there is an abundance of games to choose from. Thanks to the constant progression of smart phones, online gaming has seen a surge in popularity and have made many games mobile friendly. You no longer have to be stuck in front of a computer screen, instead you can use your phone to play on the go.

There are many different online gaming options out there, one good example being online casinos. Online casinos give you the opportunity to have a fun casino experience without all the fuss. It can be a fun way to pass the time during your road trip and earn some cash at the same time. Many online casinos give you the opportunity to play live casino games, so you can really immerse yourself in the game and kill some time.

Complete Some Puzzles

Puzzles are a fantastic way to keep your mind engaged and entertained on a long journey. When travelling for a long time in a car, it can be easy to feel restless as your body is stationary and your mind is not being used. Puzzles are a simple way to wake your mind up as you are forcing it to think and solve tasks.

You could opt for the classic route of a puzzle book, or you could download some puzzle apps on your phone or tablet. Either option will work well, but puzzle apps have a slight advantage in that the puzzles available are pretty much unlimited so there is no risk of getting bored. If you are travelling in a group, there are plenty of mobile puzzle games that are team-based so you can all work together or have competitions with each other.

Create A Playlist

A good car journey is nothing without some good music. The impact of music cannot be understated; music has the ability to lift our mood by releasing the dopamine chemical in our brain. Why not take the time to create a few playlists that will keep you entertained during your road trip. Get creative when making them too, you can have one for sing-along songs, one for dance songs and one to listen to if you want to take a nap.

If you are travelling with friends, it could be a fun idea to make a collaborative playlist or even a playlist each, so everyone has something they like to listen too. Music can play a big role in our memories too, so by having a good playlist, you will be reminded of the good memories when you listen to certain songs.

Listen To A Podcast

Podcasts are another fun way to stay entertained during long car journeys. We are certainly living in the era of the podcast, which is great because it means there are plenty of podcasts to choose from. Whether you prefer true crime, comedy, or drama, you are guaranteed to find a podcast that meets your needs.

Listening to podcasts can also serve an educational purpose. Podcasts provide you with information in a clear and creative way, which can mean you retain the information quicker. A long car journey could be the perfect opportunity to discover something new or learn about something you have always wanted to know. If you are travelling solo and about to explore a new area, you could try and see if there is a podcast about that area and learn some basic history or essential information. If you have never listened to podcasts before, then check out the top 50 podcasts for some inspiration on where to start.


While long car journeys can be fun, the abundance of free time can be a little boring if you do not have something to entertain yourself with. If you are travelling with friends, there are lots of fun things you can do together to make the road trip a little more fun. If you are travelling solo, you might have to be a bit more creative when finding ways to entertain yourself. Either way, this list should serve as a handy guide for how to sweep off the boredom and make the most out of your long journey.