Stray Review: The Best Cat Game of the Season

Stray is a fantastic little game. It's not a game that advances the genre or focuses solely on microtransactions and earning quick money.

This is standard video game fare; a game that just seeks to tell a decent tale and give gamers a few hours to themselves. Stray is unquestionably among the top picks of the year.

Naturally, everyone is continually looking for the best games to play, as gaming has proven to be a popular pastime. Regardless of whether you are favorable to titles that involve a little wagering and provide bonuses on sites that are listed just like here, or whether you are more inclined to play conventional and more traditional video and arcade games where you can get a classic experience, it is impossible to deny that we all want the same thing!

The straightforward tale Stray, divided into 12 episodes, centers on a stray cat that has been abandoned and estranged from its family. This cat's journey leads it into an old mystery concerning a long-forgotten medieval city and its robotic residents.

This game is undoubtedly not missed because it has a self-contained narrative and some interesting characters along the road. Also, even those with a busy schedule can play it because the playing period is only 4-6 hours.

The fascinating Journey of the Game

There is no denying that Stray starts of rather relaxed. The game starts with the cat protagonist waking up after napping, and leads to a number of practice runs in which players are able to learn the ropes in regards to handling a cat. Once you manage to accomplish this, the adventure begins as an exploration of an abandoned area begins.

Your cat falls into a wide hole and awakens in a strange underground city, where you will instantly notice a lack of humans. In fact, there will be only humanoid robots doing their everyday activities and walking the streets of an environment that can be considered to be rather confusing.

Finding your way out of the hole is your only task. You don't even have to go on this expedition by yourself. Several helpful robots will look to help you on your quest, but B-12 is most essential and is attached to your back. It is beneficial for the gameplay and for doling out pleasantly surprising tidbits of lore.

Although narrative cutscenes are uncommon, Stray still has a significant plot. It's a skeletal story that doesn't go beyond its central idea of striving to reach the surface.

The gameplay inspires you to keep moving forward. The game's unexpectedly moving ending brings it to a gratifying, if rather foreboding, climax.

Thankfully, Stray does more than just act like a cat would and interact with the world. The game generally keeps things too straightforward. Platforming plays a significant role in how you move throughout the city.

Jumping is always contextual, and moving from one spot to another is easy with a single button push. There is no way to time your jumps incorrectly, making it impossible to miss any platforming sequence.

Final Words

Stray is a continuously excellent experience that will be enjoyable to people who are not only cat lovers. Even if you just came to hold an adorable kitten in your hands, Stray will keep you fascinated with its fascinating exploration and exquisitely realistic landscapes.