Optimizing Your World of Warcraft Experience: Essential Addons for Enhanced Gameplay

World of Warcraft is traditionally known for its democratic approach to the creation and implementation of user modifications into the game. Some of them have become so widely used that several players cannot even imagine life with a standard interface. The developers, in turn, are constantly improving the interface, integrating the most common user improvements into it. However, modifications can still make your life a lot easier.

Optimizing Your World of Warcraft Experience: Essential Addons for Enhanced Gameplay

Because pro gamers have been using addons for a long time, their use has grown in popularity. It was also thanks to the help of professional gamers that boosting services began to develop. If players have trouble finishing some missions or accessing certain stuff they can order wow level boost and other services like purchasing in-game currency, passage of raids and dungeons, and so on. So any player can now play like a professional. And today we will improve your knowledge about the game with the help of addons.

Inventory and bank


A useful and easy-to-use addon that combines all the cells of your bags/bank into one window. Among the additional functions of Bagnon, it is worth highlighting a quick search for items in the inventory, the ability to turn on or off the backlighting of things, as well as sorting items with one click. This add-on was included in the list of top-10 WoW addons.

Speedy AutoLoot

Speeds up the collection of loot, hides the window with the list of loot, and notifies you with a sound signal if your inventory is full. Other features of the addon: compatible with most graphic modifications, allows you to select the type of sound notifications, and save settings for several characters at the same time.

Scrap (Junk Seller)

Automatically sell all the junk in your inventory to the merchant when you start a conversation with an NPC. What else does the modification offer: auto repair of equipment, attaching tags to items in the inventory, and creating your lists of things that should be sold to the vendor.


Expand the capabilities of the standard inventory window by adding many new functions to it, such as sorting items into specified categories, counting free slots, a search bar for items, smart filters, a separate panel for currency, and much more.


Automatically sell all trash from your bags to NPCs. A very useful modification if you use automatic loot collection and your bags are constantly filled with junk. Remember that you can also restore sold loot.



Replace the standard analog ability recovery timer with a digital one. Thanks to OmniCC, you can easily understand how much time is left before the cooldown of a particular skill.


A functional addon that allows you to move, show, and hide command bars. It also makes it possible to change the size and degree of transparency of the main interface elements, enable/disable the experience bar, reputation, and much more.


A simple modification that increases the icons of negative effects on the avatars or frames of your allies and enemies. In the addon settings, you can adjust their sizes, select a location, and create a separate profile for the character.


Addon for working with command panels. Makes it possible to change the appearance, size, and location of panels with abilities, as well as customize additional interface elements (bags, experience bars, reputation, and micro-menu).


After installing the modification, you will have access to an additional movable command bar, made in the style of a radial menu. Open OPie Settings to changeability/item slot sizes, appearance, and more.


This addon allows you to completely change the battle text: color, font, location, display mode, size, etc. In addition, the addon can notify the player that his abilities have been restored and are ready to use. This will eliminate the need to constantly look at the command panel to find out when the CD from a particular skill will drop.

Tidy Plates

It changes nameplates (stripes with HP above the heads of characters), making them more noticeable and beautiful, and also provides tools with which you can create your unique design for these signs. The addon comes with several basic themes, but you can always load other design options into it.

Threat Plates

A worthy alternative to the Tidy Plates modification. It has a huge number of nameplate settings - from the size and degree of transparency of the signs to the color of the nickname text. You can also modify the class resource bar, choose the type of glow that will appear when aggro is triggered, and so on.


Included in the list of the best addons for customizing the interface. With it, you can completely change the appearance of the raid panel with player names and move it to any part of the screen. In addition, the modification offers a ton of tools for tracking buffs, debuffs on allies, the status of their class resource, etc., which makes it especially useful for healers and raid leaders.

Titan Panel

After installing this addon, additional customizable panels with important game information will appear in the game: the amount of gold in bags, your current coordinates, ping, and much more.

There are countless add-ons for World of Warcraft. We will share with you the most necessary and optimized modifications for the Dragonflight add-on.

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