What a newbie needs to know about the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft

What a newbie needs to know about the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft

At the end of November, another major Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft was added to the world of Azeroth.

Players who missed the launch of the update and want to catch up quickly, or newcomers who want to be on the same page as the frontline players, should follow these tips.

What you need to know:

The transition to a new game level begins after level 60 - the final one for the Shadowlands update, in order to be able to open some of the content related to Dragonflight and the path to the maximum current level - 70.

You can quickly get level 60 in several ways:

New race

New race

The new race is a mixture of dragons and humans and is not tied to a specific faction. This means that representatives of the Horde and the Alliance can take Draktir under their control on equal terms.

A new race - Draktir, begins its journey in new hidden lands - the Dragon Isles.

The class can be healing or offensive. Players choose between a spellcaster and a healer and are in a hidden area in the mountains up to level 10, and only then go to the open World of Warcraft with representatives of other races.

New lands

Starting from level 60, all players can sail to the Dragon Islands - new lands that hide a significant part of the content laid down by game developers.

Representatives of the Horde and Alliance factions will sail to the islands together, but without the ability to fight among themselves, turning the board into a kind of tavern for interaction. Upon arrival, the players will again become opponents.

The player needs to go through the storyline on the first character that comes into contact with the update and will be required to go through the company on the islands. This is necessary to study the content and better immerse yourself in the world of Azeroth. All subsequent characters will be able to ignore.

Change of profession system

Change of profession system

Starting with the Dragonflight update, a system of professions allows you to create and improve various useful equipment for all classes and races.

The new system has a simplified interface, new characteristics that affect the quality and quantity of items created, and specialization options - greatly expanding the possibilities of each profession.


Every item that can be crafted now has a clear description, a list of required materials, and how to obtain them. The calculation of the data includes both the level of the player and the chances that affect the quality, and what can be added or improved for the quality of production.


Now, each profession has special characteristics that can be developed and improved independently and with the help of additional equipment.

Skills will affect the speed of work, the chance to get by with fewer materials when creating, or to create a thing of obviously higher quality relative to the original work.

You will also be able to create or buy special equipment that affects the main characteristics of the craft - tools.

Basic tools will be equipped automatically, so the player does not have to worry about the best conditions for crafting.


Now, each profession has its own variations of specialization, which allow you to go deeper into the study of the profession and become a specialist in your field, and not the whole profession as a whole.

For example, an armor specialist will have a wider range of actions to enhance all types of armor and equipment that he will create. The Artisan will be able to create better stats and be able to redesign armor for other classes.

Dragons and flying

In the Dragonflight update and its name, one of the most important potentials of the entire update is revealed.

Now players can go to the Dragon Islands, master every piece of land, explore the territory and learn about each type of dragon that lives there, in order to eventually tame one of them and learn how to fully fly, moving from scripted flights to moving from location to full-fledged free flights.

To do this, you need to go through the story company for the first time - this will help you explore each of the four islands on which their representatives of the dragon world live. Subsequently, you can tame any of them - fiery, ice, windy or earthy.

Dragon flying will upgrade both the pilot and the pet, opening up opportunities for aerial maneuvers and pet customization.

At the initial levels, it will be easy for you to be knocked out of the saddle by airborne opponents, but as you level up, you will be able to perform even complex aerobatics, loitering in the air and skillfully attacking all opponents.

The dragon will lend itself to detailed customization and this applies not only to color - you can change almost all characteristics and small details to your taste - horns, fangs, muzzle, equipment and much more.

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