TOP 3 slot games with the highest return rate that you should play

The return rate is always the first choice of players when choosing slot games at online casinos. So what are the games with a high return rate that you should experience? Check out our top 3 new casinos in the article below!

Buffalo King

Buffalo King is a favorite game at casino slots. With beautiful graphics, diverse and attractive sound, and playing features, how to play Buffalo King is not too difficult. Just try 1-2 times to be able to refer to playing easily.
Buffalo King game is designed with six reels and four rows. Players will proceed to spin the reels to form winning combinations prescribed by the house. This special design gives players more than 4000 different winning cases. This helps the player's win rate to be higher.
Besides, players can choose additional functions such as auto-rotate rotation. Simultaneous auto-rotation can trigger or add super-fast Turbo.

This game has 11 paying symbols in all. There are six low-paying symbols and five high-paying symbols. The lowest symbol is the number 9. The most advanced symbols are wild animals such as deer, wolf, leopard, eagle, and buffalo.
You win if these symbols appear in a horizontal row of 3 - 6 or more symbols. In particular, if the Buffalo King appears simultaneously, the payout is 7.5 times the bet amount. In addition, reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on the stone statues are supported by the player system. This symbol will replace the foreign symbols in front of the images that have received the bonus.

Wild Walker

Wild Walker is a very popular slot game. This is a game provided by the publisher Pragmatic Play. Zombies movies inspire the graphics in this game. You will find it interesting and interesting because of the extremely high payout ratio in the game.
Wild Walker is an attractive game for players because the payout ratio in the game is up to 96.55%. That is, the player who wins the highest prize is up to 4,900 x stake. In addition, you can get free spins with 25 attractive odds lines.
With impressive graphics that help players enter this game, like entering the world of zombies. So most of the characters in this game are a horror. Like the mad scientist character, the man with the gun, and the woman with the saw. These characters contribute to the excitement of the participants.

Lucky Riches

Lucky Riches is the latest version of the diamond slots game. You can win up to 480x stakes at Lucky Riches as you spin the reels. In addition, the game is equipped with 243 ways to win.
According to reviews from many players, Lucky Riches creates the ultimate betting space. The background music is exciting, funky, and also a bit funny. The way the game sound integrates into the music is done in a special way. There are some perfectly executed animations. It's the perfect accompaniment to the game and makes it stand out.
Lucky Riches' RTP (return rate) is something that almost every customer is interested in. By looking at this number, you can easily assess your chances of winning.
Lucky Riches' in-game cash back index is 96.52%. More specifically, if you enable the Hyperspins feature, this number will increase to 97.49%. This gives a very small house edge of only 2.51%. These numbers are almost unprecedented for an online gambling game.