Modern Online Games Trends in 2023

2022 has been an impressive year for slot machines, and 2023 looks like it’s going to be even better. New slots in 2023 are already announced in some cases, at least for the first couple of months, and we can see an impressive list of titles that will be coming out. Upcoming slot games in 2023 promise to be every bit as impressive as those from the previous year, with new features, modern graphics, and even bigger potential payouts promised for them.

With new developers entering this market, players can expect more competition, both in the number of new slots for 2023 and in their quality. We’re taking a look at these new games as soon as they’re released, sometimes even in advance of their launch, we review them and let you know how good they are.

Slot Development Trends 2023

As we’re reviewing mostly new slot machines, we have a chance to notice the new trends in slot machine development, and we can let you know what they are.

The rise of the Megaways: the number of slot machines and developers which have the license for the Megaways system has exploded over the last half year or so, and in 2023 they will likely increase further. As several developers have obtained the rights to it, they’re each preparing their own series of slots, which include this very popular special feature.

Increased volatility: the public has decided, and they clearly signaled that they love slot machines with ultra-high volatility. The potential to win 10,000x the stake or even a lot higher than that has proven to be a really popular trend in slot machine development for 2022, and so in 2023 we’re likely to see a lot more slots of this type than in the past.

Great graphics in the upcoming slots 2023: modern graphics, at Full HD quality, have been very easy to find lately, and now the majority of the developers will create at least decent-looking slots. It’s not the case for all of them, but since the market is so competitive, most of them are doing their best to launch attractive games.

Popular 2023 Upcoming Developers

I have no doubt that existing big developers will continue to do well in 2023 as well. NetEnt, Play n GO, and Games Global, these have all done a great job last year. Their new slots for 2023 will be just as good. There are multiple newer developers that are growing fast though, and the likes of Four Leaf Gaming, Apparat Gaming, and AvatarUX are making a lasting impression. They’re implementing new features, offering high-end graphics and unique themes, so they offer a lot more.

Popular Slot Games Themes

While the theme of a slot machine isn’t the most important thing about it, I expect this part to get some attention as well in 2023. A good story, along with the right design, can help make a game interesting to the players. Sometimes this means a branded release, other times it’s just a unique spin on a popular theme. Once again, the market is increasingly crowded and very competitive, so any way to stand out is good. We’re still going to find the usual Irish or Ancient Egypt themes in slot machines in 2023, but there will be new ones as well.

2023 New Slot Features

As Cluster Pays proved in recent times, a cool and exciting feature can make the difference between a regular slot machine and a very popular one. Developers are scrambling to design their own high-volatility features and to trademark them, in the hopes that they will catch on.

We’ve already seen Big Time Gaming test things out with a new feature called Reel Adventure, while Blueprint has implemented a Free Spin Guarantee, which insures that you’re getting a decent payout whenever you trigger that feature.

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