The Rise of Women in Esports Competitive Gaming

Esports is a booming industry with an enormous potential to become the biggest competitive gaming arena in the world, and it's no surprise that women are being increasingly recognized for their invaluable contributions.

The Rise of Women in Esports Competitive Gaming

Yea sure, previously it was a man's game but thankfully with time comes progress; female players are making great strides in the world o' esports recently!

Unveiling the Challenges Facing Female Players in Esports

When it comes to professional esports, the first names that come up are almost always male players. That's because competitive gaming is seen as an exclusive boys' club - where female gamers have to contend with implicit bias and outdated stereotypes on a daily basis.

Running tournaments for lady teams can be a bit of a challenge since usually you need to show off some serious squad power. It is not easy when it comes to the ladies though - there's often not many good options out there and even if they have an epic team setup, they're overlooked straight away by organizers or sponsors in favor of male squads.

Goes to show how far we still have to go!

No doubt, female gamers are still facing huge obstacles in the esports world. A lot of them come across a critical online community that is less than welcoming to any success made by females competing professionally.

Unfortunately, some women shy away from taking part in tournaments because they feel judged and unfairly critiqued – it's really unfair! But thankfully we're seeing small but sure changes - organizations and sponsorships giving more support are helping to make diversity within the gender spectrum as well as different backgrounds much more welcomed into gaming communities globally. If there was greater representation among players, this would massively help spread recognition for these awesome talented female gamers around the globe while further opening up our forward-thinking societies with acceptance and understanding all around - what an amazing prospect!

Unveiling the Challenges Facing Female Players in Esports

Girl gamers are on the rise - they've more than doubled since 2014, making up a whopping 39% of all players. It's no wonder that there's been an increase in female participation when it comes to competitive leagues and tournaments too in the world of esports competitions! If you look at the Thunderpick website, you’ll see more information about esports competitive gaming,, which can help you find the people you’d want to bet on as well and provide you some relevant insights into this area of esports.

No doubt, the participation of women at the topmost levels in eSports is on the rise. But that's not all; initiatives like Girls Make Games are striving to empower young girls and help them build their self-confidence so that they can join bigger teams for professional play. Such representation goes a long way in creating an atmosphere where more females feel comfortable participating in gaming culture irrespective of whether it’s amateur or pro level – now how awesome is that!

But if you think this trend ends here, then hold your horses - we're also seeing many female streamers carving out reputations for themselves by challenging popular titles or streaming alongside other noted gamers - which makes us realize how much esports has advanced as far as including woman folk into its fold is concerned. We must cherish this step towards true diversity and inclusion taken by the leading players from both game lovers' community and industry vertical alike!

Profiling Successful Women Gaming Professionals

Esports is really taking off and it's great to see more and more women getting involved in competitive gaming. Female gamers have been around for a long time now, but recently they've achieved some serious success!

Of course, there's much more to esports than just playing games - with loads of amazing ladies out there doing incredible things like podcasting, streaming, managing teams… the list goes on. It's always inspiring to hear about these awesome women making their mark in esports – let’s take a look at some of them!

This woman going by the gamer tag of “Scarlett” is Sasha Hostyn and she's certainly leaving her mark in the gaming world. All hail Queen Scarlett! Who else was there paving a way for female pro gamers since back in 2012?

Yep, it had to be our girl. She seriously kept up with her successful career - even becoming the first ever lady to get an invitation from South Korea’s GSL Code S tournament which we can all agree wouldn't have been easy at that time or any other really...

Scarlett has made over four hundred grand from her professional gaming career, and she's showing the world that women can really hold their own in esports tournaments. Prior to Scarlett proving them wrong, a lot of people - both male and female - doubted it was possible.

Profiling Successful Women Gaming Professionals

Another woman making waves in competitive gaming is Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo; for an entire decade she reigned at Counter-Strike 1.6 competitions before taking on managerial roles with SK Gaming, Dignitas, and currently Vitality Female team playing CS: GO games!

SapphiRe was also part of Intel Challenge Katowice 2019 which, whoa! - marked the first international event focused solely on female players since 2007 – a huge breakthrough for women's presence in esports! On top of that, she hosts different podcasts centered around gaming culture - another way for ladies to get involved with esports without actually competing or managing teams.

Scarlett and SapphiRe are two examples out of many that demonstrate no matter your gender you can make it big in the competitive gaming world as long as you keep at it and stay dedicated. A valuable lesson any up-and-coming gamer who wants success should take away from pros like Scarlett & SapphriRe: everything is possible if you hustle hard enough.


It's undeniable that female players offer something special to the table compared to male ones - namely open communication and better strategic planning when working together as part of a team, which leads to success during match days!

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