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Latest posts from our blog

NSHex Counter gets Troglodytes
[21 Sep 2020] NSHex Counter gets Troglodytes

The NSHex Counter app launched last year, which serves Neuroshima Hex fans with the ability to keep track of the tiles used by opponents, got its first update with the newest army - Troglodytes.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2020
[01 Sep 2020] Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2020

August is the month when js13kGames starts, so you can be sure I was fully into preparations and then other tasks around it when it launched.

Join js13kGames 2020!
[17 Aug 2020] Join js13kGames 2020!

You probably already noticed, but js13kGames 2020 started August 13th - join fellow game developers trying to build HTML5 games within the 13 kilobyte zip size limit. Deadline: September 13th.

Latest posts from End3r's Corner

Shifting focus
[07 Sep 2020] Shifting focus

The last couple of months were tough, to say the least. They forced some changes in the plan I had for gamedev-related projects in 2020. The good thing is, given the diversification of our activities around Enclave Games, it shouldn't be that bad, although still an unpleasant shift in focus.

js13kGames 2020 kick-off meetup
[26 Aug 2020] js13kGames 2020 kick-off meetup

Even though the pandemic is in full swing, there are still some options for online meetups or conferences. And since I gave one talk recently, it would be cool to keep the tradition of posting trip reports afterwards, even though I haven't travelled anywhere.

Grant for the Web awardees list
[21 Jul 2020] Grant for the Web awardees list

After going through the Grant for the Web blog posts a few times looking for details of a few grantees I realized I'm missing a list of all the creators awarded with a grant in one place, and since I couldn't find anything, I decided... to do one myself.


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